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solutions, real-time citation enforcement, emergency management and telehealth applications among others. Gary brings 30 years of compliance management experience and was vice president of Anoto partner Velosum. He holds a B.A. in communications and marketing. He is active in business and civic organizations and enjoys working on his farm.
PenFormsUSA was organized as an independent partner with Penforms International, Copenhagen, Denmark in order to better serve customers in the United States. It is a Utah corporation with offices and facilities located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Services provided at the Salt Lake facility include, software and systems development, form design, printing, validation and technical support. PenFormsUSA also has an extensive network of resources, including those available from it's Velosum division, Copenhagen and those supplied through the Anoto Gold Partnership.
With the entrepreneurial spirit of its principals, employees and dealers, PenFormsUSA is developing service applications for for several market sectors, including public safety, field services, insurance, and real estate industries.

We not only have the practical experience to provide answers today, but are developing both software and new hardware solutions for the near future.

The Anoto digital pen technology is still in its infancy. There are thousands of yet un-discovered opportunities to advance digital communication efficiency in the United States.

He has presided over and managed sheet and web-fed operations in Texas and Utah and has extensive knowledge of all phases of both offset and digital processes from design to production. He holds a B.S. degree in anthropology and art. He is active in community organizations and loves to mountain climb.
President and CEO Harmon K. Jensen's career began in the printing and business forms industry in 1974 with Burroughs Corp., Rochester, NY.
Founder Gary E. Griffiths began his involvement in the digital pen revolution in 2005. He was a pioneer. He lead the development of clinical trial