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New Horizons in Digital Pen Develpment
PenformsUSA is pleased to announce the completion of our SkyFy router and dealer demonstration program.
PenFormsUSA provides solutions supporting digital pen and paper systems, which simplify key business processes, enabling companies to dramatically improve their productivity and as well as reduce the cost of doing business.

PenForms' propriety PPoD software solutions improve the efficiency and speed with which we are able to bring propietary Anoto functionality into practical use.

PenFormsUSA's Velosum division provides patented Vcite parking enforcement systems which bring both real-time data and image collection together. Velosum is also a pioneer in other municipal compliance programs such as gang enforcement and weed abatement.

PenFormsUSA is a US corporation which is affiliated with PenForms International, Copenhagen, Denmark. Our satisfied customers are found in a wide range of industries throughout the world (health care, transportation, retail, manufacturing, legal and government).

PenFormsUSA's dedication to ongoing research and innovation is making us a leader in this exciting new technology.
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